Case study solution help required as per ISO 9001 : 2015


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Request to guide us for the following case study scenarios :
1) During an audit of an insurance company, you ask the Training Manager to show you the training records for three people who work in the Claims Department. You see from the training records that each has attended a course on customer care.
You ask the Training Manager how they evaluated the training and are told “We ask every person who attends a training course to complete a questionnaire on whether they enjoyed the course, how useful they found the training and how good the tutor was. This information helps us decide whether to send other staff on the course”.
You examine the questionnaires completed by the three people who attended the customer care course. All three awarded high marks on how enjoyable they found the course and the usefulness of the course. All three also awarded a satisfactory score for the tutor.
Question : a) There is sufficient evidence to report your findings as a nonconformity with evidence:
b) ISO 9001:2015 clause and requirement
c) If there is not a non-conformity , reason for same
d) Audit trails y, including, evidence sought and purpose

John Broomfield

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A fruitless line of audit investigation unless we are concerned by the effectiveness of the criteria used to select a training provider.

Customer care is best considered while gathering and evaluating evidence of actual claims handling.
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