Help finding calibration provider for VMC700M VectorArm


Hello all,
I'm fairly new to the metrology world, and I'm mostly focused on ensuring our equipment is ISO compliant.
Has anyone had experience with this specific equipment. I've asked around to our local laboratories and they can't perform calibration. The manufacturer can provide calibration but the travel costs to Canada are almost twice the calibration costs.

Is this a situation where we may have to bite the bullet?

Thanks you!


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I think you may need to go through the supplier for this. I tried to look up the device and find the ultimate maker is in Japan. Also my experience with specialized machine service is that travel is the most costly part --- some workers will try to match up other service calls on the same trip and reduce the individual costs. I suggest that this kind of regular cost be budgeted, and that in future machine purchases the service needs be part of purchase considerations so to minimize any objections.


I agree with you entirely. Unfortunately this machine was purchased prior to our shift towards ISO certification and eventually IATF.
I'm sure there are many local companies who could calibrate and service more common portable arms, but we'll work with what we have.
I appreciate the time you took to respond.


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Search in A2LA or ANAB-- or any ISO 17025 accreditation body. They each have available databases. If you are moving into IATF you are going to need calibration houses that are accredited. You can search by keyword, maybe use the equipment type- 3D measurement system. Good Luck!
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