How to keep old versions of work instructions from being used at point of use?


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As long as I have been a Quality Manager (8 years,) document control has been a thorn in my side!
I was wondering what some of you do to control printed work instructions at point of use that are outdated.
My idea was to have only access to our server with all the work instructions available, but some of the work stations do not have access to a computer.
What is the best way to ensure that printed documents of work instructions are kept up to date? I cannot stand at each work station to ensure that are making sure they are using the most recent version and the managers cannot track every employee either.
If I add a statement that this document is only good for 30 days past printing, then I am setting myself up for a non-conformance if that document is still sitting there past 30 days. . .
I did add a statement that "All printed documents are considered uncontrolled and for reference only" but the auditor said that work instructions cannot be for reference only.
I was just wondering if you all had any great ideas you could share. I am at a loss!

Tablets are $20 or less these days. If it is really an issue, hook up your doc system with access to a tablet.

We have a few different scenarios - we have group tablets, we have tablets stored in RFID cabinet or some folks have their own.

Prior to tablets, if a change to a procedure happened, it triggered a 6S event to go clean any old docs out from the area. Some areas, kept the needed documents in a folder and users checked out the folder. So one/two people were responsible to make sure the folder was always updated and they got it back. Plus you disallow printing except to the doc mgrs.
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