Internal Corrective Action for every External Audit NC?

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Good morning, everyone. I was starting to respond to the few NCs I received in my latest recertification and was curious how all the others on this Forum handle their NCs. Do you write an internal CAR for every NC you receive? Thanks in advance!


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I dont as it wasnt an internal NC picked up by us. IMHO that would just be shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted. Ive just had a NC on my AS audit on friday and thats what it will be one NC on OASIS. However the new process will be audited on our next internal audit to confirm its efficency. My NC would probably have been missed on an internal audit as it was a bit of an oddball so why write it up like we had caught it but still been caught short.


Yes, we do write an internal CAR for every external NC we receive. It is our internal procedures that have been developed over years through continuous improvement and lessons learned that ensures investigations are properly conducted and corrective actions are adequately implemented. Our internal NC system and processes also provide clear internal accountability. To receive NC's during such an important event like a re-cert, and NOT route them through our internal corrective action process would be like owning a Lamborghini and not taking your new girlfriend for a ride in it. Not to mention, it might make queries of historical NC's and/or Corrective Actions less robust to not have them all in one database.
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