Laboratory Capabality Verification based upon QS-9000 Third Edition


Theron Taylor

Barb, can you explain your statement in more detail. I am not sure I understand what you are really saying. Including Guide 25 in your QS or ISO registration?

barb butrym

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If you add the details from guide 25 to your system, as your own requirements, then the registrar must audit to them, and that satisfies the formal agreement.


barb butrym
Please give me more describe. As I know Registrar who can assess ISO/IEC Guide 25 need to be accreditation body. Is case that the registrar who audit ISO or QS 9000 audit the lab against Guide 25, how they can say that this lab is complied to guide 25.

barb butrym

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I am not sure what you were asking.....sorry. I do contract 2nd party guide 25 audits for a major manufacturer as well....not sure what your point is?

Are you saying that an ISO/QS9000 lead assessor cannot audit the requirements of a standard/published guide 25 (or any other for that matter?)...I am saying the AIAG etal. have agreed that they will accept the results of an ISO9002 registration audit of a lab, operating to a system whose scope includes the requirements of guide 25. Guide 25 is clear in its requirements....very audit friendly, and runs the same line ISO9002 does. As the client, I would look for experience in my industry...any industry....before chosing a registrar/auditor.

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