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How Do I Get Started in the Auditing Field?



How Do I Get Started?

I have finished auditor/lead-auditor training classes and want to get started in the iso auditing field. is there anyone out there that can give some advice on how to get in with a registrar? i have no auditing experience, so what i'm looking for is a mentoring program of sorts.
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Jim Biz

This is like the chicken & egg thing --- probably litterally hundreds of"ways to get started".... and NO ONE CORRECT ANSWER to your question.
How much "working expierience" do you have? In what fields? (that sometimes makes a big difference)

Guess my top choices would be.

1) Visit or scan your local state Job service information web site for an employer - (doubtful if registrars looking for auditors would show up there tho - but then again any "expierience" is better than none)

2) Seek out local counsultants - they have the oportunity to access area registrar activities & their operations on a broader scale than someone ' Just finishing school"... Working for one of them part time would allow you to gather contacts anyway.

3) Surf the web (possibly Quality Digest website) for a listing of registration bodies & contact them directly - One never knows what will turn up...



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I moved this to the auditing forums thinking it may be more appropriate here. As I remember, either in this forum or the the Occupations In Quality forum there have been several good threads on this. You might want to look through some of the threads and try a search. But to summarize:

There is, as I understand it, somewhat of an over abundance of folks who have taken the Lead Auditor Course. Many have some type of experience if only involvement in their company's internal audits.

To get in with a registrar may be difficult because most are looking for folks with at least some experience. Technically, you should register with the IRAC or the RAB to become a provisional auditor in their system. Read and know the requirements of each for details. If I remember correctly, the RAB's program is graduated:

Provisional Auditor
Lead Auditor

The RAB can provide you with the details of their system.

Then start calling or otherwise contacting registrars. Most registrars want, as a minimum, an RAB provisional auditor. But, as I said, it is my understanding that there are a lot out there. Someone else may be able to give you a better picture of the current status of the supply of provisional auditors (or auditors in general). I may be wrong, but I don't think so.

See if there is an ASQ chapter in your city. Some cities, Cincinnati is one, have 'Audit Consortiums'. Contact them and 'join up' if you can. They can help provide auditing experience, which you obviously need, but the 'payment' is you'll be donating your time for being able to 'log' the audit. That's what a lot of this is about - how many audits have you done.

If all you have is a certificate from a Lead Auditor Course and want to get into the auditing field and have no auditing experience, make sure you love travel, will work dirt cheap and know you have a steep hill to climb. And we're only talking ISO 9001. If you have other aspirations, such as ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 or any of the others you better have some money to spend for courses and specific certifications. QS is still 'alive', but I don't see too much use for you to think about QS auditing.



thanx. i have a RAB application and also one for IRCA. because of the "no experience" thing i was trying to work on a mentoring program with the company i took the course with, thinking that for a little of my time they would take care of the details. i have since become frustrated with the game of phone tag i have been playing and the "leaned back in his chair, speaker-phone using" recruiting manager, (some things you don't actually have to see to know they are there) that i now believe it to be time to find someone else to harrass. i am convinced that this is what i would like to do and i am determined to find a way in. once again thanx for the ideas. if you come across any others please send them on.

Manny Castillo

You're going to have to pay your dues to get started.
One way is to join a company that has a quality department.
Join in any capacity, in sales, HR, or other...and then transfer to the quality organization. If you show that you have taken the training and that auditing is what you want to do, you may get your chance.

Also, check out your local newspaper job ads, and call up some quality managers. You might get a job in the quality department without having to come in through the back door.

Utilize your network of friends and associates: Most jobs are obtained through networking (over 60% if I recall).
Good luck!
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