How to collect complaint data from customers

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How about quickly offering a free return and replacement so your designers can examine what is wrong?

Make sure this complaint resolution measure is included in the design of your services that precede, surround and follow-up on your manufactured goods.

Right now you are missing out on great opportunities to create loyal customers while making your products better.

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There used to be a similar problem at my current employer. Top management made the decision that sales would hand off quality issues to the compliance manager (me) as soon as the sales contact conversation turned into a discussion of non-conformance. Mere complaints, like "I didn't get a pack slip", or "the skid wasn't as nice as I usually get", are entered in a complaint database by sales. I get all the contacts who want to do a return, get credit, or scrap/rework product. That way, I gather the information needed, and If additional information is required, I can get back in touch with whoever I spoke to at the customer. This SOP is working pretty well so far.

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